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Hi, Libbi here! I am the face behind Neatly Ever After, a professional organizing business based out of the Warrenton, Virginia area. From everyday moments at home to hiking and camping expeditions with my family, organization and simplicity is at the core of who I am and what I do.

How did a history teaching, outdoorsy girl like me end up a professional organizer? Easy. In all of my adventures and experiences – as a widow, a caregiver to an elderly family member, a teacher, and a mom – I’ve simplified and created order as a way to calm every season of life, which has allowed me to maximize my time with loved ones, even during times of chaos and grief. I want to help others discover how easy their lives can be, too.

I truly enjoy this job every day that I’m blessed to do it and change the lives of others. I look forward to helping you!





Beginning to organize the most challenging spaces in your home is a daunting project to begin, but turning a blind eye to the clutter that continues to accumulate is scientifically shown to increase your stress levels, consume your time, and cost you money. At Neatly Ever After, we are committed to creating custom organizational systems that target the challenging areas of your home. We leave you with organizational solutions that last and are easily maintained by the whole family.


Our all-inclusive packages can serve you in any part of your life - from your home, to your business, and even your relocations. Your new, organized life begins here. 

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Two Organizers - $110 per hour

Package Discounts

12 hours (save $55) $1265

24 hours (save $190) $2450

36 hours (save $395) $3565

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Three Organizers $165 per hour

Package Discounts

12 hours (save $120): $1860

24 hours (save $260): $3700

36 hours (save $440): $5500



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